Attention Business Owners That Want To Ramp Up Their Marketing To Create A Flood Of Qualified Leads And New Sales...

"Would You Like To Spend One Day Working ON Your Business, Strategically With A Marketing Coach, Who Will Map Out Your Marketing Plan For The Next 12 Months And Discover New ways To Generate Profits And Cash Flow Into Your Business?"

Hi, I’m Mick Kenny, the owner of Accelerated Business Marketing. I am a marketing consultant, strategy coach and copy writer.

I specialize in creating lead generation and sale conversion marketing campaigns which provide my clients with rapid cash flow surges and a constant feed of qualified prospective customers.

I want to ask you a few questions.

Do you dream of having marketing systems that constantly provides your business with a predictable flow of qualified prospects?

Is your business stagnant or not growing at the pace you want?

The lack of leads, lack of sales and lack of cash in your business all comes down to your marketing.

If you don’t advertise your business, no one knows you exist.

If you’re constantly dealing with people that can’t afford you or try to knock your prices down at every step, then your marketing to the wrong audience.

Marketing is more complex then placing an ad in the local publication. There are many factors that need to be considered and questions answered before you commit one word to paper or dollar spent.

If you want your marketing to be successful, if you want a positive return for every dollar you invest, then you must engage the services of a professional direct response marketing consultant, to get an outside view of your business, to help you uncover your ideal customers and discover areas of your business that will provide the largest growth and revenue. Possibly even new revenue streams you never thought of.

A Full Day Marketing Consultation with me will provide your business with a road map of marketing strategies, tactics and campaign ideas to guide your business to any level you desire. When I come into your business, feel your culture and learn your vision and mission, I will have a thorough understanding of your company. Something that can’t happen from behind a computer and over the phone.

By using my formulated 7-step process, together we will rebuild your marketing and give your business a structured marketing plan to follow for the next 12-18 months so you and your team will be confident in the direction your business is going.

Just imagine, what would your business life be like with a constant stream of qualified, incoming leads everyday into your sales funnel. Prospects searching you out, wanting to do business with you, rather than you chasing them?

How much easier would your day be, having automated marketing campaigns running for you 24/7, and you having the ability to speed it up or slow it down at will?

No more ad-hock marketing efforts, trying a bit of this and a bit of that. Never really knowing what's working and what's not.

When you have a Full Day Marketing Consultation with me, I will outline every step for every marketing campaign for you so you have a template to follow.


Here is my guarantee to you. Even though I don't know your business, yet, I'm confident that I can map out marketing campaigns for you that will at least triple your investment if you follow my instructions and implement or I'll refund every dollar you give me. And that's being conservative. You should expect to at least get a return of ten times your investment, but for now I'll keep it at 3 because I don't know your price points. Of course you have to show me proof that you have followed my templates and implemented the marketing campaigns, and the results achieved, to receive a refund. I'll even give you 12 months of implementation time to get results.


1   Your investment for a Full Day Marketing Consultation with me is $1,997 plus any travel expenses out of my greater area of the Sunshine Coast. This includes fuel, tolls, flights, taxi's and accommodation if overnight stay is required. A full day is just that. I like to start early so if you are ready at 7am we will start at 7am. If you prefer 8am or even 9am we can start then but you have already lost time. Completion is generally 5pm unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. When we are together we are there to work. No phone calls, emails or other distractions. Your business will survive. If you have someone on your staff that you would like to join us, that is fine.


     A full day with me discussing and planning your marketing will be exhausting for your brain by 5pm. You may feel like it will explode with information overload. That's ok, it's normal. I don't apologize. So be prepared to have your views challenged, your business direction questioned and a ton of work to do when we have finished, all to benefit your business and create a cash flow surge.

If you are ready to proceed, have read my warning and have the money to invest in your business growth, fill in your details in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a suitable date for me to come to your business.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Mick Kenny
Accelerated Business Marketing
"More Leads, More Customers And More Profits In 12 Months Or Less...Guaranteed"